understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Mankind may have intellectual knowledge, but people do not know even intellectually the real Truth of Existence, unless the outer self becomes the Flame of Its Perfection. Therefore, it is necessary to purify the feeling! It is necessary to purify the substance of the body, and purify the atmosphere around it in order that We may teach you and make you know what Our Greater Life can do in you, and through you, and around you – for you – by your own use of the Powers of Our Life, which We convey to you through the Sacred Fire and the Cosmic Light Substance, and Our Love.

These things are the natural, Divine Way of Life to manage things in this world and thus avoid the problems and the limitations, which are nothing on Earth but mankind’s lack of understanding of the Great Law of the Sacred Fire, the Cosmic Light, and the Love from the Heart of Creation.

That’s why it is necessary that there must come more Conscious Cooperation between mankind and the Angelic Host. It’s the only way Perfection and improvement can come into this world, because It’s the Divine Plan of Creation from the Great Central Sun, to the Electrons and the atoms out of which manifestation is composed. This is the Great Supply House of the Universe, and there isn’t a thing your life could desire, so long as it be constructive, that Our Life could not supply. So, there is no reason in Heaven or Earth that you shouldn’t reach up to the Highest, receive Our Help, and create the most Magnificent Perfection in this world – not for your own, to feed your own egotism, not at all – but to give you the Joy of the use of the Master Powers of Life.

You can only use Them as you produce Manifestation in this world by Their use, that will bless some other part of Life. So, the supreme secret is the blessing of Life! Don’t be concerned whether the other part of Life that you are pouring the blessing to, appreciates it or not! What do you care? If We waited for mankind’s appreciation, (laughter), well, We waited a long time as it is, but We’d wait a lot longer – much longer!

Your expansion of your Light and your Powers of Life’s Perfection can only come into existence by your use of Them, and your use of Them must bless the rest of the Life around you. If you pour that Blessing out, the very Life from Our Octave and from the Higher Mental Body of each one’s Life Stream, will amplify that good that you produce, and in Its Expansion, It will come back and bless you. So, you cannot lose by using these Greater Powers of Life’ Perfection!”

Beloved Angel Deva Of The Jade Temple

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