Grateful Day, Everyone…

Beloved Mighty Victory quote 273

“I say to you, truly there is no transcendent thing in the World. All is a Perfectly Natural Activity of Life of which you are a part. When you began school and some of your studies seemed difficult, all of a sudden you entered into them, and they were quite easy. After you had accomplished the mastery over them, they did not seem anything unusual, did they?

In the greater Understanding of the Laws of Life, as you go from one step to another, it all becomes just as Real, Natural, and Tangible, as your achievement here in passing from kindergarten to the university, and then on to the completion of what you desire to accomplish. Therefore, try to feel Beloved Ones, how Natural We are, how Real – and in Our Octave of Light where all is Perfection, then if you have Us for your Friends there, why not bring that Perfection here, into the human octave where it is needed?

Since human beings are the decreers of their worlds, if you decree Perfection, why not have it? If you decree a thing, you have set the Law of Life into action to produce that thing for you. Beloved Friends, understand that, as you never did before in your lives. When you decree a thing, you have set the Mightiest Law in the Universe into action to produce that for you; and if your human feeling will not waver, it will come forth into your use as sure as you make the decree for it.

This is why I am trying in this Magnificent Radiance to have you draw a little more into that which you have called “transcendent”; to make you feel the Reality of all that you have conceived as transcendent, because I say that all is Life in Its Perfectly Natural, Practical Action, from the Earth to the Great Spheres of Light! On the other Planets, the greater Perfection which is there is all Perfectly Natural. Yet it would be so astonishing, were you to suddenly step onto Venus, where so much greater Perfection reigns. We have all the practical things, for remember, that is My Home!” – Beloved Mighty Victory

Stay Safe, Stay Focused…And Y’all Be Love! 💜💜💜

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