understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Now, the Angelic Host are the Custodians of Mighty Gifts in the use of the Powers of Life. We not only are Their Guarding Presence; We are the Givers of these Magnificent Creations that exist in Our Temples of the Sacred Fire – or the Jewels – all of which are concerned with the pouring forth of the Powers and the Perfection and the Activity of the Sacred Fire and the Cosmic Light. As We give that to this world or to the system, the Power in Our Temples of the Sacred Fire ever expands the Focus of the Sacred Fire there, till each one of Our Temples one day becomes a Sun.

And so can it be with you in this world – your home, your business activities, your outer personal accomplishments. As you call forth this greater Perfection from Our Octave, your world becomes the Focus of a Sun Presence of the Sacred Fire of Our Love, Our Life, Our Substance, Our Purity – therefore, Our Mastery and Our Perfection.

Every particle of life can have every Assistance from all the Greater Life, whenever the desire is to produce Perfection, regardless of what channel that is in. You take the mechanical world for instance. When an individual who has great genius in mechanical activities, and is what you call a precision mechanic; whenever there is the desire within Life to produce Perfection in manifestation, there will always come some being from the Angelic Host to give that Assistance, because it brings more Light into the manifested substance of this world and its atmosphere, and therefore into the Life Stream of individuals.

That desire within you or within any part of Life to produce Perfection, is an Expansion of the Light from the Higher Mental Body of the “Mighty I AM Presence”. Every desire to produce Perfection is an Expansion of the Light. Since We live to bring the Greater Light everywhere into manifestation, then We give every Assistance wherever the Light begins to be revealed, at the Inner Level.

This is how We see the progress that mankind is making. This is how We know individuals are holding to the constructive way of life and are channels through which We can pour forth more Perfection, because at the Inner Level there flows – wherever the constructive desire is within the Life Stream, the outer self – it always manifests a Light.

So When We see at the Inner Level, as We look over all mankind, a Light shining brighter here, there, or somewhere else, one or more of the Angelic Host will always come, observe that Light, observe that individual, and try to give every possible help to keep that Light protected and expanding.

This is a very wonderful Activity of Life, and if mankind knew more about the Angelic Host, individuals could have very much greater Help in all outer constructive activity. And We are here to give that to those who want It! (applause). Thank you so much, Precious Ones. Won’t you be seated please, and just remain so.”

Beloved Angel Deva Of The Jade Temple

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