understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Now, Our Temples of the Sacred Fire are – each one – a Powerhouse, a Focus of Cosmic Power of Our Life, of Our Desires of the past which have drawn forth these Magnificent Cosmic Activities of the Sacred Fire to create Perfection, and then send It forth into the planets of the system to ever expand the Light and the Greater Perfection. So, the Law of Our World is to give! The only way the Light can expand is for someone to pour more of the life of the individual and the love within that life, that is luminosity. That’s what illumines the Universe.

You, as individuals, can be a light in the consciousness of mankind. You can be a Light in the feeling of mankind to produce Peace. Everything in your Life can be an outpouring of luminosity to help you move forward and produce the greater Perfection that is greater Freedom for all.

Do you remember the Beloved Saint Germain saying it is easy to illumine the atmosphere, as it is for you to touch a switch on the wall and turn on the electricity in the lights? When you understand the Oneness of the Great Universal Light – which We sometimes speak of as the Cosmic Light – when you understand that that is Eternal Light, then It is there! And the only thing that keeps It from flooding here without limit, is the vibratory action around human beings of feeling and thought and action that is the slower rate of vibration, and that forms the veil between your outer activity and Our Outer Activity. That’s in the atmosphere of Earth. It is in the aura of individuals.

Now, since everything that the Angelic Host does for mankind is to bring only Purity into manifestation – because We can’t produce anything else – then if mankind is to have relief from the destruction that impurity has created, then individuals are going to have to know of Our Presence. The outer activity of mankind is going to have to cooperate with Us if We are going to pour the Purity of Our Sacred Fire into the conditions to hold that which is constructive to serve the people, while they make effort to attain the Ascension.

So, it matters not what is in manifestation in this world, whatever is constructive is guarded by, sustained by, and forever enfolded in some Activity from the Angelic Host. Only as individuals understand this, cooperate with it, and learn the Law of its manifestation, can We make each one in the outer an outpost of Ourselves, that locally you may have Our Assistance, so long as your outer activity is to bring more Illumination – explanation – to the life of mankind embodied here.”

Beloved Angel Deva Of The Jade Temple

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