isis unveiled, vol 2: chapter i (the church)

“In rivalry of the fierce Mary-worshippers of the fourth century, the modern clerical persecutors of liberalism and “heresy” would willingly shut up all the heretics and their books in some modern Serapion, and burn them alive. The cause of this hatred is natural. Modern research has more than ever unveiled the secret.

“Is not the worship of the saints and angels now”, said Bishop Newton, years ago, “in all respects the same that the worship of demons was in former times? The name is only different, the thing is identically the same…the very same temples, the very same images which were once consecrated to Jupiter and the other demons, are now consecrated to the Virgin Mary and other saints…the whole of Paganism is converted and applied to Popery.” Why not be impartial and add that “a good portion of it was adopted by Protestant religions also?”

The very apostolic designation Peter, is from the Mysteries. The hierophant or supreme pontiff bore the Chaldean title peter, or interpreter. The names Phtah, Peth’r, the residence of Balaam, Patara, and Patras, the names of oracle-cities, pateres or pateras, and perhaps Buddha, all come from the same root.

Jesus says: “Upon this petra I will build my Church, and the gates, or rulers of Hades, shall not prevail against it”; meaning by petra, the rock-temple, and by metaphor, the Christian Mysteries; the adversaries to which were the old mystery-gods of the underworld, who were worshipped in the rites of Isis, Adonis, Atys, Sabazius, Dionysus, and the Eleusinia.

No apostle Peter was ever at Rome; but the Pope, seizing the sceptre of the Pontifex Maximus, the keys of Janus and Kubele, and adorning his Christian head with the cap of the Magna Mater, copied from that of the tiara of Brahmatma, the Supreme Pontiff of the Initiates of old India, became the successor of the Pagan high priest, the real Peter-Roma, or Petroma.”

H. P. Blavatsky

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