understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Now the Angelic Host – I’m speaking of those who are not yet Ascended – handle Great Streams of Cosmic Light Substance and draw It from time to time in concentrated Action, wherever it is possible to hold Protection for that which is constructive. Now you might say to Me, “Well, why can’t They always hold Protection for that which is constructive?”

Because mankind – I am speaking of individuals – who by conscious command and conscious choice select to do a certain thing in Life and go into that to accomplish it without ever giving it recognition, to either the “Mighty I AM Presence” or God, as the outer world knows It, or to the Angelic Host who are the Beings provided by the Cosmic Law, to help the outer self, do what is right. That is why there has been down through the centuries a certain acceptance of the Angelic Host by mankind of a Guardian Angel, in rare occasions of great danger – crisis – something of that sort.

But if human beings only knew what they could have, only knew what the Angelic Host could do for them by accepting Their Presence with you at all times, your pathway would be infinitely easier, and what has been human struggle in the past would be joyous Activity and Victorious Accomplishment always.

Now, the Angelic Host are not concerned with simply gratifying mankind’s desires – not at all. Their Service is to expand the Sacred Fire of Their Love to Life. Wherever They are recognized or called into Assistance and loved and given conscious acceptance, They will always pour forth through you Their Expanding Sacred Fire Love, and It will always produce Perfection and Protection for  you. So, the Gift They have to give you is that which unascended beings cannot give you. And if you care to experiment with My Violet Flame Angels in this respect, I think you will have some very delightful experiences!”

Beloved Saint Germain

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