Grateful Day, Everyone…

Beloved Mighty Victory quote 253

“My Dear Ones, oh, please realize and understand that there is no reason for sadness, for tears in this World – unless of happiness! If you want to weep because you are so happy, well, that is quite all right. Then those seeds will produce greater happiness; but look out for the other kind of tears!

Shall I draw you one illustration? I think that will be quite sufficient. I could take you to homes in America where you would want to weep because of the feeling of grief in those homes. I say “America”, but I could take you to hundreds of thousands of homes in Europe in which so many tears have been shed through pain, distress, and disappointment, that any person walking into those homes would want to weep at once! Now that is how the atmosphere of an environment is charged with the feeling of the people there; and you know at funerals, everybody weeps whether they want to or not! They start out so bravely; but finally, they succumb, and for what?

Oh, don’t think I am heard-hearted, but I want to break that false feeling away from you precious ones. The old overcoat, which is that container, is not your friend or your relative or your loved one. You know that! You don’t weep when you throw away your old overcoat of last season! Now really and sincerely, there is not a particle of difference. That body from which Life has withdrawn is but a substance which is lifeless and is no more valuable than your old overcoat – because you cannot wear that, and you can your overcoat. Do you see?

Now let us be practical! I want to erase any feeling ever again from your precious Hearts that anything can cause grief. Oh, My Dear Ones, oh the energy, the failure, the limitations of Earth which are caused by mankind’s grief – just because they do not understand! Now, My Dear Ones, you must understand!” – Beloved Mighty Victory

Stay Safe, Stay Focused…And Y’all Be Love! 💜💜💜

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