understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Beloved Hearts of Detroit, I bring you Greetings from Heights of Purity and Love and Happiness. I trust you will come closer and closer into the Great Powerhouse of Our Use of the Sacred Fire and the awareness of Our Presence with you. Tonight, I want to bring to your attention again, certain Activities of the Angelic Host that you are privileged to have, that you will require as time goes on, and that are ready awaiting an opportunity to bring their Blessings to you and the world.

Ordinarily, in your experience of Life, as you go through a day’s activities, you feel as a rule that you, as an individual, are alone. It would be well if you would remind the outer self, several times a day, that the Higher Mental Body stands above you, sometimes very close when your Adoration is going to the “I AM Presence” and to the Ascended Host.

The Angelic Host are ready to accompany you in your outer service of Life, and to draw around you that which you’re going to require in your association with your fellowman, and give you Help to give you the Power by which you not only master conditions, but by which you attain within yourselves a greater expansion of the Sacred Fire, to make you more completely aware of God’s Master Control of all in this world.

At first it begins in small things. You’ll have this and that accomplishment, and you’re very happy. But you do not always give recognition to the Inner Power that has enabled you to accomplish what you desire. If you can remember, and you can if you so command it, to acknowledge always your “Beloved I AM Presence” first whenever you accomplish something successfully, and then give acknowledgment to the Angelic Host – who at the Inner Level are always assisting in every constructive activity of Life.

You do not quite understand but in a small way how closely the Angelic Host are operating or assisting you in any constructive accomplishment. Now those of the Angelic Host who have never embodied are, of course, under Our Direction. They wait for our Direction to come and give Assistance.

But those who are Ascended Beings, seeing your effort to hold to the Light and bring forth that which blesses Life, are also always awaiting an opportunity to pour forth through you, the Radiation into outer physical conditions that not only makes your pathway easier, but anchors in and around you more of the Substance from the Ascended Masters’ Octave, which, as time goes on, is built into that which will one day be your world of manifestation.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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