understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“From tonight, if you will accept My Explanation of holding about you, not only your Tube of Light and the World of the Violet Consuming Flame, but holding about yourselves by conscious recognition and by your love for It, a Blazing Sun Presence of the Light of Eternal Truth – the Cosmic Light of the Cosmic Christ Truth. Feel your world filled with that Blazing Sun Presence, and demand that the Perfection of the Ascended Host fill and surround you and your world; and within It is automatically released to you the supply of anything you will ever require.

We could long ago have given this to you; but until you come to a certain point of fierce determination to have nothing to do with that which is of the shadows, some of these Inner Activities must be held in abeyance until your own Higher Mental Body has released a certain intensity of that Light in and around you, by which you recognize what It is doing for you; and then cooperate with It by calling forth the Sun Presence of the Cosmic Christ Light, in which that which is of the shadows can never come or even approach.

So, Blessed Ones, let Us clear the decks, release the Cosmic Light of the Cosmic Christ, demand Its Invincible Victory and Protection around those under this radiation, and demand Its Intensification every day in everything you do, till It is just a natural outflow of that Cosmic Christ Light of Eternal Truth filling you and your world with Perfection, and letting It expand until It crowds back the hordes of the shadows, until those hordes are consumed. Now you can use this – the same idea of the Blazing Sun presence within which is any Ascended Master’s Form or Likeness – to enfold those in your government, those in the national Defense or the Civil Defense or any special activity within your Land.

The people must have Light, My Dear Ones, if they are going to find their way out of the shadows and into the Freedom of the Ascended Host! So, unless the Light is recognized and called into concentrated action in and around an individual, It ever remains in Its Cosmic Flow; and the individual stays within a world of human concepts until Cosmic Light comes and consumes those concepts.

So, in offering this to you, it is not only to clear your own consciousness and safeguard you in your experiences; it is to fill your world with Its Perfection and clothe you in the Sun Presence of a Power to help others; and wherever you go, allow that Light to expand and intensify until It reaches the Cosmic Action that annihilates the hordes of evil before they can approach.

When the Great Cosmic Law intensifies the Release through this whole system of worlds of more Violet Consuming Flame and more of this Cosmic Light Substance, It will pass through all the planets in this system. It will pass through everybody and everything on every planet and release more Light through all manifestation in this system.

But you individually do not need to wait for that forward impulse in Its Great Cosmic Cyclic Action. You may have this intensified every day the moment you begin to call for It, to hold your attention upon It, to love It in and around you until It becomes the World of the Cosmic Christ, enfolding you in the Ascended Masters’ Victory of Cosmic Christ Control.

That is why, in the distress Call of the Great White Brotherhood that, “THE LIGHT OF GOD NEVER FAILS!”, it is because, My Dear Ones, the moment you speak those Words, your Higher Mental Body and some Ascended Master will immediately release Light in and around you whenever you ask for It. And I don’t know of any Greater Blessing and Assurance that can come to mankind than that the Light is always ready to give you Itself whenever you ask for It.

You cannot remain in the darkness when you ask for the Light. You cannot remain in distress if the Light fills you and your world. You cannot have distress in your country if the Light is called by the people to come into the country and fill the country with the Cosmic Christ – which that Light is.”

Beloved Godfre

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