isis unveiled, vol 2: chapter i (the church)

“We have also read with great advantage the topographical descriptions of Hell and Purgatory in the celebrated treatise under that name by a Jesuit, the Cardinal Bellarmin. A critic found that the author, who gives the description from a divine vision with which he was favored, “appears to possess all the knowledge of a land-measurer” about the secret tracts and formidable divisions of the “bottomless pit”.

Justin Martyr, having actually committed to paper the heretical thought that after all Socrates might not be altogether fixed in hell, his Benedictine editor criticizes this too benevolent father very severely. Whoever doubts the Christian charity of the Church of Rome in this direction is invited to peruse the Censure of the Sorbonne, on Marmontel’s Belisarius. The odium theologicum blazes in it on the dark sky of orthodox theology like an aurora borealis – the precursor of God’s wrath, according to the teaching of certain mediaeval divines.

We have attempted in the first part of this work to show, by historical examples, how completely men of science have deserved the stinging sarcasm of the late Professor de Morgan, who remarked of them that “they wear the priest’s cast-off garb, dyed to escape detection.” The Christian clergy are, in like manner, attired in the cast-off garb of the heathen priesthood, acting diametrically in opposition to their God’s moral precepts, but nevertheless, sitting in judgment over the whole world.

When dying on the cross, the martyred Man of Sorrows forgave his enemies. His last words were a prayer in their behalf. He taught his disciples to curse not, but to bless, even their foes. But the heirs of St. Peter, the self-constituted representatives on earth of that same meek Jesus, unhesitatingly curse whoever resists their despotic will. Besides, was not the “Son” long since crowded by them into the background? They make their obeisance only to the Dowager Mother, for – according to their teaching – again through “the direct Spirit of God”, she alone acts a mediatrix.

The Ecumenical Council of 1870 embodied the teaching into a dogma, to disbelieve which is to be doomed forever to the ‘bottomless pit’. The work of Don Pasquale di Franciscis is positive on that point, for he tells us that, as the Queen of Heaven owes to the present Pope “the finest gem in her coronet”, since he has conferred on her the unexpected honor of becoming suddenly immaculate, there is nothing she cannot obtain from her Son for “her Church”.”

H. P. Blavatsky

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