isis unveiled, vol 2: chapter i (the church)

“Mr. Gladstone went to the trouble of making a catalogue of what he terms the “flowers of speech”, disseminated through these Papal discourses. Let us cull a few of the chosen terms used by this vicegerent of Him, who said that “whosoever shall say Thou fool, shall be in danger of hell-fire.” They are selected from authentic discourses. Those who oppose the Pope are “wolves”, Pharisees, thieves, liars, hypocrites, dropsical children of Satan, sons of perdition, of sin, and corruption, satellites of Satan in human flesh, monsters of hell, demons incarnate, stinking corpses, men issued from the pits of hell, traitors and Judases led by the spirit of hell; children of the deepest pits of hell”, etc., etc.; the whole piously collected and published by Don Pasquale di Franciscis, whom Gladstone has, with perfect propriety, termed, “an accomplished professor of flunkeyism, in things spiritual.”

Since the Holiness the Pope has such a rich vocabulary of invectives at his command, why wonder that the Bishop of Toulouse did not scruple to utter the most undignified falsehoods about the Protestants and Spiritualists of America – people doubly odious to a Catholic – in his address to his diocese: “Nothing”, he remarks, “is more common in an era of unbelief than to see a false revelation substitute itself for the true one, and minds neglect the teachings of the Holy Church, to devote themselves to the study of divination and the occult sciences.”

With a fine episcopal contempt for statistics, and strangely confounding in his memory the audiences of revivalists, Moody and Sankey, and the patrons of darkened seance-rooms, he utters the unwarranted and fallacious assertion that “it has been proven that Spiritualism, in the United States, has caused one-sixth of all the cases of suicide and insanity.” He says that it is not possible that the spirits “teach either an exact science, because they are lying demons, or a useful science, because the character of the word of Satan, like Satan himself, is sterile.”

He warns his dear collaborateurs, that “the writings in favor of Spiritualism are under the ban”; and he advises them to let it be known that “to frequent spiritual circles with the intention of accepting the doctrine, is to apostatize from the Holy Church, and assume the risk of excommunication”; finally, says he, “Publish the fact that the teaching of no spirit should prevail against that of the pulpit Peter, which is the teaching of the Spirit of God Himself!”

Aware of the many false teachings attributed by the Roman Church to the Creator, we prefer disbelieving the latter assertion. The famous Catholic theologian, Tillemont, assures us in his work that “all the illustrious Pagans are condemned to the eternal torments of hell, because they lived before the time of Jesus, and, therefore, could not be benefited by the redemption!” He also assures us that the Virgin Mary personally testified to this truth over her own signature in a letter to a saint. Therefore, this is also a revelation – “the Spirit of God Himself”, teaching such charitable doctrines.”

H. P. Blavatsky

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