understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Beloved Ones, there is no such thing as not attaining your Victory once you learn to dwell within the Sun of the Everlasting Light of the Cosmic Christ. This is your Privilege! This is the Knowledge all mankind should have had long ago, and could have had if they had been through with the shadows. But you can’t face the Light one moment and turn your back on It the next; for when you look into the shadows, you move and are drawn into them. When you look into the Light and ask the Light to surround you, then you become that Light!

So Beloved Ones, tonight as you are entering into these Decrees to help you purify the Nation in the coming election, as you call forth the Sun of Cosmic Christ Light and Its Eternal Purity to fill this Nation, hold the Picture of that Sun filling the Land. Each of you who is here from a foreign land can do the same thing for your own country.

Whenever you think of it and decree for the correction of conditions, hold the Picture of the Cosmic Sun of Cosmic Christ Light descending into the Nation, filling it until there is nothing remains but that Sun of Cosmic Christ Perfection. If mankind but recognizes this Light and loves It and calls It into outer conditions, the Light automatically is released and begins to flow in and around you, or into the condition whenever you send the Call. The Cosmic Law is such that when you ask for Light, Light must be given. That is why the admonition through the centuries has been given to mankind, “Call unto Me and I will answer thee!” The Light has said, “Ask for Light and you shall receive Light!”

Place your attention upon the Light, and the Light begins to fill you, and you become all Light. If you want the atmosphere about you Light, ask the Light to illumine the atmosphere about you, and that atmosphere will become luminous. This is just as certain to manifest as that you make the Call.

Unless the Light is called forth and loved, and mankind understand what is within It, It is abiding always quiescent in the atmosphere of Earth – especially the upper atmosphere – and can only be concentrated in and around and through the individual by Conscious Call, by Conscious Love, by Conscious Command for Its Concentration to come as the Cosmic Christ and hold Its Victory and Dominion in and around the outer self, or into your affairs, or into the world. But you must see the Picture of the Light if the Light is to anchor in and around you! And I assure you, the shadows will never give you what is within the Light.

The Light is the Christ! The Light is the Gift and the Love from the Higher Mental Body. It is the Gift and the Love and the Perfection from the Ascended Masters’ Octave. It is the Concentration of Power from the Physical Sun and the Great Central Sun. It is the Treasure House of all the Powers of Life, and It is the Heart of Eternal Truth. It comes forth from the “Mighty I AM Presence”, and is the Extension of the Outpouring of Its Love, within which is all of everything, to produce Perfection, to help the outer self turn from distress, and enter into the Heaven of Life’s own Gift to mankind.”

Beloved Godfre

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