understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“In entering into the lower atmosphere of Earth tonight, it is with Great Happiness that I can make you aware of Myself in a very Tangible, Powerful Way. I hope and I feel certain that you will be aware of My Presence – and the Presence of others of the Angelic Host – quite tangibly, perhaps several times each day.

If We can dwell together in the Release of this Power and Light of Our Love, you will find growing rapidly in the mental and feeling world of mankind, the acceptance of Our Presence and the Call for Our Help. And this is what We require to render still greater Assistance. So We have come to you as the Open Door through which We may all release to the Earth the Sacred Fire of Eternal Love whose Miracles will never cease, and whose Miracles are All-Powerful everywhere throughout the Universe.

The Door I hold open tonight invites you into Our Realm during the time when the body rests in sleep. If you ask to come, We can give you Assistance which you feel when you awaken in the morning. In the tangible, physical flesh body you will feel the Power, the Reality, the Love, and the Peace which enters into you as you come to Us each night and dwell within Our Realm of Power and Light and Love and Peace. And as you bring It back into the outer self will you find the day giving you Its Blessings with a great joy.

Each day will be the anticipation of greater joy, until you will find that the Love of the Angelic Host is the Daystar that leads you to Heights without limit, and to Peace Eternal, and clothes you with Power to do anything; so long as the Great “God Presence”, the “Mighty I AM”, is loved and worshipped and recognized and obeyed.

So, as we enter into closer association through the production of “I AM” COME!, you will find more of Our Blessings ever attending you, and all of Our Power ever ready to assist you as you go forward and reveal to the world the Beauty and the Power and the Love of the Beings in Our Realm of Life.

May Our Realm and yours become One now; and as the greater Expansion of this Activity of the Mighty Saint Germain reaches into the Hearts and minds of mankind, it will carry the conviction of Our Reality and Our Love and Our Ever-Blessing Presence, to abide with those who begin to recognize Our Existence and Our Power to assist mankind to be Free.

There are many Beings in the Realms of the Angelic Host whose Beauty will make you speechless with Love and Adoration, because It blesses with such Power that It brings those Beings close to you. And then again, once more you will live in God’s World of the Happiness and the Purity and the Love that is your Eternal Heritage.

May you feel the Peace of My Love and the Power of Its Light ever clothing you at all times with whatever you require, until abiding with you, It becomes your world forever. May you forever, forever, and forever dwell in the Heart of My Love and be Its Victorious Command to the Earth wherever you abide, until It illumines everything with the Light of Eternity. Thank You with all My Heart.”

Beloved Listening Angel

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