understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“From the Heights of Power unbelievable to the human intellect, there can come Assistance to you all in times when some of you scarcely know you need it. yet I say to you, every moment you need the Light of Our Love to abide with you, to travel with you, to dwell within you, and to expand through and around you in order to keep the Blessings and the Power from Our Octave ever flowing in and around you, until your Service to Life is finished in this world.

You have called for greater Protection, and so the Call has been answered by those of Us who have the Power to protect, who know how to protect, and who, to a very large degree, can tell you ahead of time when you are going to need that Protection. So, your awareness of Our Presence with you will automatically enable Our Protection to abide with you. And may Our Flame of Love stand between you and everything of the outer world’s disturbance.

We can bring you Power of Accomplishment which comes from Love alone – not the love as you know it – the Love from the Great Central Sun that bestows Its Boundless Power and Infinite Perfection upon the extension of Itself, upon each Life Flame who will open the Door and let the Blessings flow.

So now, since I have been Guardian of that Door – and which I still am – I offer you tonight the opportunity for It to swing wide, so far as each of you is concerned, and let the Blessings of Our Realm flood you and your world for your use in very practical ways. The Angelic Host are going to manifest to mankind in ways that cannot be denied! (applause). Thank you, Precious Ones.

For Just a moment while you are standing, I wish to say, some of those Manifestations are to come through the Pageant and moving picture of “I AM” COME!, because you have given Us the Opportunity and have opened the Door by which We may act in your world to bless you, and through you bring to mankind the proof of Our Reality, the Release of Our Power, and the Light of Our Enfolding Love that all shall see and all shall feel, and one day, all must be. Thank you. Won’t you be seated, please.”

Beloved Listening Angel

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