Grateful Day, Everyone…

Beloved Mighty Victory quote 244

“The Powers of Life, even in your human octave, are invisible. You see the manifestations of Life, but the Inner acting Power and Currents of Energy, even through your outer electricity, you do not see acting. You accept the electricity as a fact, and you use those mighty currents of energy. You know they can produce light and heat when properly controlled, or they can destroy Life. They can destroy the greatest buildings in your city! Then it is a matter of conducting, controlling, governing the Power of the Invisible Currents of Life!

Today, in calling forth the Currents of Energy, the Power of Life from your Mighty God Presence – the “Mighty I AM” – you are dealing with Tangible, Powerful Currents of Energy, Beloved Students. If you do not understand the absolute necessity of self-control through your outer efforts in obedience to the Powers of Life which you call forth, you will find yourselves in difficulties.

The Messengers have so instructed the Students throughout these four years, to guard and to have self-control, but how many have really done it? Many determined right then and there on the first hearing, to take command of the outer self and give the obedience to Life, which is self-control! This is very vital, it is very important to you, Beloved Ones!

You might say to Me, “Oh, dear, I have struggled; I have tried, but I do not seem able to hold my self-control.” That is just human opinion! That is really not the Truth! You might honestly believe it is, but I say to you, it is not – because everyone within himself or herself has the Power of Life beating each Heart! Your Life is the Power of Self-Control, only you don’t quite believe it! Do you see?

It is quite True, Dear Ones! The Power of Life in your Hearts giving action to the organs of your bodies – which enables you to speak, to make Decrees, give your Calls to Life – is Life in Action!” – Beloved Mighty Victory

Stay Safe, Stay Focused…And Y’all Be Love! 💜💜💜

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