understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“You might wonder how We know of your Call. Since We know of your Life and your existence, and since We are One with your “Beloved I AM Presence”, there is not a breath apart when that Cosmic Love moves into action to accomplish Its Mighty Purpose of purifying the Earth and raising all that is constructive into greater Expansion and greater Service and greater Blessing to the universe around you.

I have listened for a long while for the Call from the Hearts of the people of Earth, I have listened a long time, and I have ever been ready to answer every Call. And since the Calls have come to Us through the Mighty Saint Germain’s “I AM” Activities, We are ever ready to hold the Guard about you and clothe you with everything that will enable you to serve Him more wondrously in your outer world. And may I say to you, there is nothing the outer world requires quite so much at this time as Our Presence.

Little does mankind understand the Power We wield, the Service We offer, and the Love We can bestow. We have been denied and defied through the centuries – and yet We have been recognized and loved and worshipped through the centuries; and so, We ever seek through those who know of Our Reality to bring about the Blessings that will enable the rest of mankind to be absolutely certain of Our Presence, accept Our Reality, and give Us the cooperation by which We may help all.

After all, everything that is constructive on Earth today needs Our Guarding Presence to protect it; and so those who are reaching to the constructive way of Life are naturally the ones to whom We come first, and offer the best We have.”

Beloved Listening Angel

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