understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“For almost five years I have been waiting for this opportunity; and so My Love has increased during that time, as has My Desire to pour It forth to you for outer use. I trust you will not forget to use It and remember Me in My Offer for Its Release to the Earth, and to you all! (applause). Thank you Precious Ones, with all My Heart. Won’t you be seated, please.

Love must come from Great Cosmic Heights at this time in the shape of the Sacred Fire, and as you have called this forth into outer physical conditions, We have watched your Desire expand and your determination to call this forth ever increase through your Conscious Calls. Therefore, We are adding now to your Calls the Release of more of this Power that must come into physical conditions, if they are to be purified and corrected.

The Angelic Host are the Bearers of the Sacred Fire as well as the Great Light Rays from Cosmic Heights of Life’s tremendous Activity. And so when mankind need Us, We come and offer Our Love, for We know naught but Its Service to Life. And wherever We abide, We are clothed in Its Lights into which no discord can enter. Now We offer you the Light of Our Love to enfold you, that you may have more Power with which to render Service, that you may have more Protection against the shadows, and that you may have more Illumination to reveal to you ahead of time, the things you will need to know.

If you understood how wondrous are the Activities and the Service of the Angelic Host, you would want to remember Them hourly! I bless you all for giving Us as much recognition as you have. The more you recognize Us, the more We will recognize you; and We will hold the balance thus in outer conditions, by Our Response to your Call to Us. Do not feel that We are far away! Do not feel that it takes time for Us to come! Swifter than Light is the quick Descent of Our Presence at your Call – from Heights indescribable to the mind of man.

And when you understand the Oneness of God’s Life and the Sacred Fire of Eternal Love, you will know that Its quick Descent in response to your Call, is practically instantaneous.”

Beloved Listening Angel

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