Grateful Day, Everyone…

Beloved Mighty Victory quote 242

“Beloved Ones, I know the conditions which exist in your World today, and the mass of pressure of mankind which affects a great many people; but you do not have to let it in! You, in the knowledge of your “Mighty I AM Presence”, do not have to be deprived of the money you require to use! Your “I AM Presence” is the Treasure House for you and your world, and when you call to your “Presence” – and you will hear this repeated a number of times in this Class – when you call to your “Mighty I AM Presence” for your money supply, remember that your “I AM Presence” is your Treasure House, just as tangible as if It held a chest of gold visible in your hands before you!

Now, understand how this acts! In your Call to the “Presence”, Its Love, Wisdom, and Power go into action in the physical octave about you, to bring about the conditions necessary for the Harmonious Release of the money supply you require. After all, no human being owns anything in this World! You cannot take it with you, you see? Those who pass through so-called death may have millions, but they cannot take that money with them! Therefore, they were only custodians of it! Oh, let us look at these things so sensibly, so naturally, so we get the full import of all they mean.

Take the great number of “I AM” Students today, if they but realized it, in the Call to the “Presence” as their Treasure House, they could no more be deprived of anything they need for use, than anything in the world. Why? Because the great mass of the Students issuing these “I AM” Decrees for the Financial Freedom of every one of the “I AM” Students, become a Mighty Action, in addition to their individual Calls!

That is why I want you to grasp this more fully, because in your Call which has been so precious, for the Limitless Supply of money for the Messengers to carry on this “I AM” Activity – all that is a magnificent thing! It is a Mighty Action of the Law and cannot be delayed! It cannot be withheld! Therefore, Your Call to the “I AM” Presence of Life – which is the Governing Power and Intelligence of all there is, either manifest or unmanifest through human forms – has to be the Governing Power of the “Presence”!” – Beloved Mighty Victory

Stay Safe, Stay Focused…And Y’all Be Love! 💜💜💜

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