understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Now, for just a moment, if you care to hold this Picture of a Golden Sun, through which plays the Pink and the Violet Flames, and you accept that you move in a Sphere of Its Presence, then We can establish this about you – if you make the Call for Its Focus to be held about you from the Secret Love Star. Then, as the Power of that Love and Its Sacred Fire increases around you, there can come those of the Angelic Host which guard Its Accumulating Power, until you feel the Fullness of Its Victory answer you instantly at your Command.

We are ready to bring this in and about you as you make the Call; and I ask you to feel, sometime each day, that you move in Its Presence, and It forever loves you and loves to set you Free. And you in turn will love to use Its Sacred Fire to set others Free, as you feel your own Freedom coming in the awareness of Its Presence.

Go forward and know that It is your Invincible God Victory manifest at your Conscious Call, to hold protection and take you forward to assist others as powerfully as possible, until the Great Cosmic Law takes all in hand for the adjustment of that which Love alone can bring. Thank you, and won’t you be seated.

May the Glory of Its Sacred Fire become visible about you. May the Radiance of its Blazing Light take you forward to Freedom, and may Its Everlasting Love bring within you the great realization that, to set Life Free by the Miracle of the Sacred Fire of Eternal Love is the supreme privilege of unascended beings; as they send that Love to the “Mighty I AM Presence” and the Ascended Host, for the Freedom of all mankind, and the Release of Life everywhere in this world, from that which is not the Love of Eternity!

Go forward and know, We ever stand ready to answer your every Call with Victory, which is yours forever. Thank you, and good night.”

Beloved Messenger Number One

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