Grateful Day, Everyone…

Beloved Mighty Victory quote 238

“We have observed  that the Messenger, in every Class in the beginning of it, urges the “I AM” Students everywhere, before they retire at night, to call to the “Presence” to charge their feeling world, their physical bodies with the Intelligence, the Energy, and the Powers of the “Presence”; then do it again on arising in the morning – but people forget to do it! They wake up in the morning and they think: “Oh Dear, how I feel! Oh, I should like to sleep ten minutes longer or half an hour longer. Oh, why do I have to go to work at this time in the morning?”

Yet, here before them is the “I AM Presence” which would answer their Calls at night, and charge their bodies with the Limitless Currents of Strength and Energy and Power! Then when they awakened in the morning, they would feel refreshed, happy, and glad to get up to use that energy. As long as you think of work, Precious Ones, you will be tired!

Do you know there really is no such thing as work? You have made the mistake by so qualifying it; but after all, there is only Service to be rendered to Life! You are here to render a Service to Life which gives you your Eternal Freedom! Isn’t that a wonderful thing? Isn’t that something to think about, rather than the drudgery, work, and idea that you are serving something outside of yourself – when every effort you make, if you really understood this Law, is serving your own Life.

Oh, what a change, what a magnificent thing, and how different you would feel when you awaken, to remember that you were serving your own Precious Life and striving toward your Freedom through it.

I know that ere long the great change will come in the consciousness and feeling of mankind, so they realize and understand that everything they do is the Service to their own Life for their Freedom; and in what a magnificent World you will then find yourselves living!

Oh, regardless of the appearance, there is everything in the world about which to be encouraged and strengthened.” – Beloved Mighty Victory

Stay Safe, Stay Focused…And Y’all Be Love! 💜💜💜

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