understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“When you understand how deep, is the Feeling of that Sacred Fire within your own Life, and you begin to feel Its Power Surge through you instantly at your command, you will begin to know that the Mastery of Life is the use of the Sacred Fire of Eternal Love. No matter what your problems are, the Sacred Fire of Eternal Love is your Mastery over them. Be it individual, national, or worldwide, the Sacred Fire from Our Octave has got to come into yours, if conditions are to be corrected.

And the only Authority and Power in the Universe which can use that kind of Force and produce the Sacred Fire in physical conditions is the Immortal Love of Our Octave, and the Central Sun. So go forward and use It, knowing It is All-Powerful; and It can manifest in any Activity of the Sacred Fire necessary, to purify the substance and the energy that has been contaminated by mankind’s discord.

As you understand the Blessings that are yours from the Secret Love Star, I trust We can come to you more frequently, come to you closer, and clothe you with Greater Power of the Sacred Fire, to let your “Mighty I AM Presence” and Higher Mental Body of each Life Stream render the Fullness of Its Service in assisting the Mighty Saint Germain to cleanse the Nation, and through the Nation, cleanse the world – because if it is not cleansed by Conscious Command and the Call of the Hearts of individuals, then the Cosmic Law must cleanse it in ways, that compel Purification.

But the human creation causes the distress that is indescribable! When mankind throughout the ages have built the accumulation and the creation that, may I say, infest the world at this time, then surely you must know that the Cosmic Law does not indefinitely allow the atmosphere of Earth to be saturated with destruction, with filth, and with desecration.

Therefore, every Call you make – to draw the Cosmic Power of the Secret Love Star’s Mighty Flame of Eternal Love into physical conditions – is just that much Raising, Transmuting, Purifying Activity that goes on in you and your world, and then floods out to the Nation and the Earth. And in this way you can bring tremendous relief to many Life Streams, that otherwise would have to endure terrific suffering.

You have the Power to use this Great Mercy of Life to reduce the suffering of mankind! And so I come to assist you, and to remind you of the Sacred Fire that is ever by your side for your use by Conscious Call. And It is the Miracle Love of Eternity that will forever produce Perfection at your Command! (applause, audience rising). Thank you so much Precious Ones.”

Beloved Messenger Number One

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