understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Dear Hearts of the Light, in just a few Words, I want to add My Love and Blessing and Gratitude to you all for all that has been accomplished during this Conclave, and all that is yet to be done through that which you will carry back with you to expand Its Service among whom you move. Great has been the accomplishment here, and may you go on each day strengthened beyond your fondest dreams in your use of this Cosmic Christ Fire; and know that It is the most imperative thing required in your Nation tonight – Our Nation – God’s Nation!

Only that Sacred Fire whose Love throughout Creation is the Law of Life’s Perfection can be brought into our conditions! Only that Love and that Sacred Fire can remove those things that seek to torture you and the loved ones within the Land.

Tonight, charge forth and see the United States of America a Blazing Immortal Victory of this Cosmic Christ Fire! See the atmosphere over the Nation blazing that Violet Consuming Flame with such Pressure that It holds absolutely motionless everything that is destructive, and enables the constructive activities and individuals to go forward into conditions, and hold the balance of all that is required to shut off that which seeks to destroy you.

Great has been the Outpouring day after day since the first of last January! And We must continue It; and the more you can remember to call forth the Immortal Victory of this Cosmic Christ Fire that consumes everything that distresses you, will you feel your Greater Freedom hourly almost, from that which heretofore has been your struggle.

If problems appear, distress seems to approach, keep calling this into outer action, and demand that your world from tonight is the Immortal Victory of such Cosmic Christ Fire as shall hold the Christ Victorious over everything on this Earth, because it must be so!”

Beloved Godfre

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