isis unveiled: chapter xv (knowledge is power)

“In this interesting case, simple Spiritualism has transcended its routine and encroached upon the limits of magic. The features of mediumship are there, in the double life led by the sensitive Madame Y, in which she passes an existence totally distinct from the normal one, and by reason of the subordination of her individuality to a foreign will, becomes the permutation of a priestess of Egypt; and in the personation of the spirit of Beethoven, and in the unconsciousness and cataleptic state into which she falls.

On the other hand, the will-power exercised by Dr. X, upon his sensitive, the tracing of the mystic circle, the evocations, the materialization of the desired flower, the seclusion and education of Madame Y, the employment of the wand and its form, the creation and use of the serpents, the evident control of the astral forces – all these pertain to magic. Such experiments are of interest and value to science, but liable to abuse in the hands of a less conscientious practitioner than the eminent gentleman designated as Dr. X.

A true Oriental kabalist would not recommend their duplication.”

H. P. Blavatsky

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