understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Take your stand and demand Immortal Victory of the Cosmic Christ to blaze Its Cosmic Fire and consume, consume, consume forever, all that has cast a shadow upon Life! And We shall be with you! We shall be back of you! We shall go before you with this Flame, and do everything possible as you give Us a certain amount of your energy through these Calls. If you’ll give Us third of the energy, We will supply the other two-thirds.

And may I say that as you demand the Immortal Victory of the Fiery Love of the Cosmic Christ, it will be easier to overcome the world’s hate – as you demand this fire in and around you and going before you to remove that which is the limitation that heretofore you have accepted.
The Law of Cosmic Christ Love must be the Law of the Earth! And It has to become the Law of you and your manifestations before the people in the outer world will use It enough to set themselves Free.

Just know from tonight that you go forth the Cosmic Law of Cosmic Christ Fire. And the Cosmic Law’s Demand for Its Love to be the Law of Control, wherever you go, moves into outer conditions these Activities of the Sacred Fire that move forward and simply take possession and hold Command.

We will be with you and strengthen everything within you to help you pour forth the Love and the Kindness that will hold the protection about you. And the more you pour It forth, the less will you feel exhaustion or distress or strain in the body. There is nothing brings such relaxation, as the Immortal Victory of Cosmic Christ Fiery Love that is in Command of all physical action!

So go forward with Happy Hearts, knowing you are held within the Immortal Protection of this Cosmic Christ Fire wherever you call It forth. Know and call It forth with every ounce of your strength in everything you do! Just flash It forth, and then go on your way! Flash It forth again, and just demand that Its Immortal Victory come now into you and your conditions!

Its Immortal Victory, which is Immortal Love, protects and controls your loved ones. Its Immortal Victory, which is Immortal Power, charges into you and around you until the very Radiation brings Strength to those who are trying to hold to the constructive way of life.

Demand the Government of Cosmic Christ Fire, and Its Immortal Victorious Freedom, giving the people the Love that sets them Free! The Land must be governed by that Love of the Sacred Fire which is the Directing Intelligence and Purity that holds Balance, until all can make conscious effort towards the constructive way of Life.”

Beloved Godfre

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