understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“So, in the Arms of that Great Flame may I ask you to feel yourselves held. Great Flames from Our Mighty Realm of Activity, the Sevenfold Flame of the Victorious Peace of Eternity, is yours to demand – abide in the physical world wherever you command It to come forth. And if you will take your Authority and acknowledge yourselves as the Law of Its Manifestation in outer physical action, it will come to pass, and I hope quickly.

So, as My Heart is ready and willing to give you more of the Activity of the Fire Element and be the Victorious Peace of Eternity – which is Love’s Light to the Earth that annihilates all darkness, I shall deeply appreciate every Call that you can send forth as soon as possible. I trust I shall make Myself very tangibly felt in the Blessings that I will pour back through My Love and Gratitude to you, to once again help mankind give Acknowledgment to the Reality of the Angelic Host.

There is the Flame of My Peace in each forehead radiating through the atomic structure of the brain, so part of My own Life Flame is in each of you. Therefore, when you say, “‘I AM’ the Law of the Victorious Peace of Eternity”, you are speaking an Eternal Truth; for that very Flame is already abiding in you, and through that, you become the Law of Peace which “I AM”.

When you call the Great Presence of the Guarding Seraphim to blaze Their Flame of Their Love wherever you want this Peace made manifest permanently, then Their Love brings more Life. And where Their Love is, hate can never come. Where My Peace is acknowledged as the Law, discord can never again approach.

So I give you a Sanctuary, a Place of Safety from the discord of the outer world; and if you care to withdraw into the Great Altar of Its Presence, you will find there the Power of Perfection’s Flame, the Happiness and Contentment and Satisfaction of Eternity, and the Boundless Blessings you have always known somewhere ought to be in outer action.”

Beloved Elohim Of Peace

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