understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Someone – sometime, somewhere – must draw that Love and fill the world with that Activity of the Sacred Fire, if you are ever to be free from these other conditions. The Angelic Host are the Messengers from the Great Central Sun, the Beings provided to draw those Flames into the physical world until the world itself has become a Sun of Everlasting Love.

When you demand the Victorious Love of the Angelic Host become the law and the Authority of your outer action, it will be so! And if you acknowledge, “‘I AM’ the Law of the Victorious Love of the Great Angelic Host in outer physical action in all I do”, you will find strain and struggle gone. You will find Perfection appearing, and Joy will be yours that none can change. It is well worth your most sincere trial in everything you do in the outer life.

After all, when hate has darkened your planet and has robbed you of the Peace that God gave you in the beginning, then if you call again for the Love that is the natural condition of this world – the Love that belongs here, the Love that was here in the beginning, the Love that ought to be here now, the Love that must come and hold Command in the future – if you will call the Victory of the Love of the Angelic Host here, more people will begin to feel and accept the reality of the Angels. More will begin to feel that They are Real beings who render a Service and answer the Calls of those who serve the constructive way of life. These must be called into outer action!

My Dear Ones, mankind have driven away the Great Beings who blessed them for centuries. Those beings had to recede because mankind deliberately said they didn’t want Them. Now then, if conditions are to be permanently improved, then mankind must call and ask for Their return instead of denying Their very existence.

So, when you, the Beloved of the Light, make your Calls to the Seraphim, and you demand and acknowledge the Law of the Victorious Love of the Angelic Host to act now and forbid the existence of hate, you will render tremendous service to your Nation, to yourselves, and to the world. And hate, you will find one day, rolled back like a scroll; and the dark clouds drawn into the compound till that substance is purified in the Blue Flame and the Violet Flame, and returned to the great universal use of Life.

That substance of hate must recede; and therefore when you acknowledge the Law of the Victorious Love of the Angelic Host and the Victorious Peace of Eternity, you are calling actual Light into the physical octave.

And then as those Powers of the Sacred Fire and the actual Flames themselves become anchored in and around you, and wherever you call Them forth, you will find the Light increasing that brings the Ascended Masters’ Consciousness to the mankind of Earth; and they will become intelligent and obedient and purified and harmonized to the point where they will cooperate with the Great Cosmic Law that seeks to set them Free.”

Beloved Elohim Of Peace

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