isis unveiled: chapter xv (knowledge is power)

“New York, Feb. 7, 1877 (continued):

“After a time Mme. Y, returned and was seated in one of the two fauteuils before mentioned, and I was invited to the other by her side. I had still in my hand the unopened pellet of paper containing the three words privately written by me, of which, (Beethoven), had been the first. She sat for few minutes with her open hands resting on her lap. They presently began to move restlessly about. “Ah, it burns, it burns”, she said, and her features contracted with an expression of pain.

In a few moments she raised one of them, and it contained a marguerite, the flower I had written as my second word. I received it from her, and after it had been examined by the rest of the company, I preserved it.

Dr. X said it was of a species not known in that part of the country; an opinion in which he was certainly mistaken, as a few days afterwards I saw the same in the flower market of the Madeleine.

Whether this flower was produced under her hands, or was simply an apport, as in the phenomenon we are familiar with in the experiences of Spiritualism, I do not know. It was the one or the other, for she certainly did not have it as she sat there by my side, under a strong light, before it made its appearance. The flower was perfectly fresh in every one of its delicate petals.

The third word I had written on my bit of paper was the name of a cake – plombieres. She presently began to go through the motions of eating, though no cake was visible, and asked me if I would not go with her to Plombieres – the name of the cake I had written. This might have been simply a case of mind-reading.

After this followed a scene in which Madame X, the doctor’s wife, was said, and seemed to be, possessed by the spirit of Beethoven. The doctor addressed her as “Monsieur Beethoven”. She took no notice until he called the name aloud in her ear. She then responded with polite bows, etc.; (You may remember that Beethoven was extremely deaf).

After some conversation he begged her to play, and she seated herself at the piano and performed magnificently, both some of his known music and some improvisations which were generally recognized by the company as in his style. I was told afterwards, by a lady friend of Madame X, that in her normal state she was a very ordinary performer.

After about half an hour spent in music and in dialogue in the character of Beethoven, to whom her face in expression, and her tumbled hair, seemed to acquire a strange resemblance, the doctor placed in her hands a sheet of paper and a crayon, and asked her to sketch the face of the person she saw before her. She produced very rapidly a profile sketch of a head and face resembling Beethoven’s busts, though as a younger man; and she dashed off a rapid name under it, as though a signature, ‘Beethoven’. I have preserved the sketch, though how the handwriting may correspond with Beethoven’s signature, I cannot say.”” (letter to be continued).

H. P. Blavatsky

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