understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Now the Door is open! Now is the opportunity to give obedience to this Law and make this Call, and let Us see how quickly that may become the Great Fulfillment of the Divine law that releases the Dispensation; and the Cosmic Fiat goes forth that compels hate to leave the Earth forever.

Great is your opportunity! Great is your responsibility! Great is your privilege to serve Life, and once again make the Law of Its Love the Authority of this Octave, and you yourselves, the Flame of Its Eternal Victory of Love and Peace and Power and Perfection that is boundless.
I wrap you in Its Everlasting Love. May Its Blessings forever go forth, expanding through you to reach all mankind until the Light claims Its own, and intensifies until there are no more shadows, and not even a memory of anything but the Eternal Joy of expanding Perfection and Peace and Love through Eternity.

Thank you, and I make My Flame expand within you and clothe you in Its outer Presence, until you feel it and others feel It. And then let Its Light become the Visible Radiation that will make mankind know the Truth and the Reality of the Angelic Host and Ourselves, that the Door may be wide open for Their greater Freedom for Life – for all Life on this Earth.

Your Freedom to Life brings greater Freedom to you. Our Peace to you brings greater Love and Peace from the Central Sun to Us, and the System will grow brighter because of your Love and your desire for the Victorious Peace of Eternity. May Its Beauty fill your world, Its Music ever be the Eternal Harmony and Blessing of all in and around you; and Victory wherever you move, establish Its Love and Peace of Eternity. I thank you.”

Beloved Elohim Of Peace

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