understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“When the Great Beings of the Angelic Host offer the Blessing of Their Love to hold those Flames in a condition until the condition is dissolved, Great is the Joy, My Dear Ones, when They can come close enough to Earth to compel that change to take place at your own Conscious Command. They are Beings of Love, and Their Service is to Love alone.

Therefore, when through Love you call forth for Their Presence to come and help establish this in the outer physical octave, that It may become the Eternal Peace of the Ascended Masters’ Great World – Their Great Realm of Activity – well, the Great Beings who have waited to accomplish this for so long send the Angelic Host.

And Their Joy is boundless the moment They begin to accomplish this which has to be done in the outer in order to anchor certain Power that is constructive in the physical world, to hold the Earth itself from shattering to pieces. So, your Call is vitally important, quite as well for your Nation and the world as it ’tis for your own individual affairs.

Send you Love to the Beloved Seraphim and see for yourselves the Love that comes back to you. Make your Calls to the Angelic Host for Their Victorious Love to come into the outer physical manifestation that holds Command for Eternity.

Call Their Love here, as well as pouring your own love into a condition, and see for yourselves what Their Service is! See what Their Power of Love can produce! See how real, how practical, how sensible, and how powerful is the Love that They can direct, and the Love that should be everywhere in the world.”

Beloved Elohim Of Peace

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