Grateful Day, Everyone…

Beloved Mighty Victory 219

“When I look upon mankind, I cannot conceive how it is possible for mankind to be so limited! I have not known what such a thing was in thousands of centuries, and of course, I now have the Full Divine Memory and have had for a long period! I have had the Full Divine Memory of everything which has ever been in My complete Life Stream; but fortunately from the beginning I was able to hold to the Great Presence of Life, the “Mighty I AM”, with such Firmness that I never had to contend with in My Life Stream what humanity and many of Our people have had to overcome!

If you could only see the Perfection which is on the other Planets of your System! Oh, Dear Ones, in Our Homes on Venus, everything acts with such precision, such Divine Order; and our children ten and twelve years old, naturally perform so-called miracles – or a service equal to many of the unascended Masters on this Earth today! That is because Great Purity, Perfection, and Understanding of Life are there.

Be of good courage! Before in your America there has been great Perfection, and with your assistance it will come again, on a far higher octave than previously – at least three octaves higher! That means everything to you, Dear Ones!

While you have not yet seen such Great, Great Activities, who of you shall tell Me what transformations would take place in your Life in the coming six months as you continue your great firm Application in your Calls to your Great Presence of Life? Oh, no one knows!” – Beloved Mighty Victory

Stay Safe, Stay Focused…And Y’all Be Love! 💜💜💜

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