understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“This is the way, Precious Ones, we fulfill those Great Words of the Master Jesus, “Behold I make all things new”, by this Flame of Victorious Peace of Eternity. When My Flame comes in at that Command, the old dissolves and the new becomes permanently established in Its Ever-expanding Perfection. And this you must have, Dear Hearts, before you can bring certain things into outer use that belong to the new Cycle, that belong into outer physical action for those who will remain on the Earth in the next – in the whole incoming Cycle.

Now your own worlds, Precious Ones, can just as well become this Peace now, if you will so decree it, as to still be the outpicturing of the result of mistakes of the past. If the mistakes of the past have produced discord in the present, well, you are all authority to reach out and take that discord and transmute it by your Violet Consuming Flame which purifies it.

And then as you acknowledge that: “‘I AM’ the Flame of the Victorious Peace of Eternity that now becomes the Perfection of all I desire in outer physical action, and keeps the door locked for Eternity against any future mistakes.” Then, everything you do each day will build that Manifestation of the Divine Plan’s Fulfillment, and becomes Eternal in Its Great Blessing to you and through you to the world.

Oh! When the world is seething with war, My Dear Ones, this Command is very paramount in Its Blessing to those who will give It. You might stand amidst the wreck of worlds, and if you gave this Command, you would be held at Peace. I use that expression, but there is no such thing as a wreck of worlds. That’s an expression you use in the outer life. You might stand amidst the wreck of physical things, but you would stand untouched by them so long as you give this Acknowledgment.

And it is to the degree that you demand this into outer action that We can be of greater Assistance to you by sending those of Angelic Host who will bring as intense an action from time to time, as the condition in hand requires.”

Beloved Elohim Of Peace

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