understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“People in their Hearts rebel, or in their feeling world, rebel against discord and disturbance and mistakes and problems, and they fight, fight, fight them. But they don’t call the Victory of the opposite thing into themselves and into the problems to become that which will keep them satisfied and contented. I assure you, Precious Ones, the human desires are a ceaseless craving. They are the bottomless pit, and you can never satisfy them. You crave this, that, and the other thing, and as soon as you get it, you crave something else.

But that’s not true from your own “Beloved I AM Presence” standpoint! When you crave your “Presence” and you demand Its Victorious Presence inside of you, and you demand the Flame of Its Victorious Peace of all Eternity; well then, there comes the satisfaction in doing anything you want to do that brings you permanent Happiness. You will find all that restlessness, that discontent and depression and uncertainty and doubt and fear, will have been gone – as if they had never existed.

I’m sure you feel this in the atmosphere tonight; and were you to see the building, I’m sure you would be delighted. It is enclosed in a Sun of My Heart’s Love that I assure you is Eternal Peace. May you forever feel yourselves clothed in My Heart’s Flame of Victorious Peace of Eternity; for I assure you, nothing in all time to come could ever change the Peace of My Love! Therefore, when you demand the Victorious Peace of Eternity, you have demanded that Love from your own “I AM Presence”.

Love from Our Octave has become in you the Law governing all the energy in and around you, with that feeling of contentment and satisfaction that becomes the permanent Outpouring of Perfection without limit from your own “I AM Presence” – from Our Octave. And It will become a Magnet to draw to you from the physical world whatever you require to give you the Assistance in fulfilling the Great Divine Plan, as the Ascended Masters direct.

Then will you enter into the Real Music of the Spheres. Then will you know as you enter that stillness, that to enter that Peace brings with it a Light in which you may see all things clearly ahead, and know the direct, perfect, simple, harmonious way to do everything. Then your struggle ceases! Then your mistakes are no more, and then will your very Radiation be a Benediction to Life, and fill the Universe with the Light that casts no shadow.

O Precious Ones, that in itself is a tremendous Decree! Were you to take the Statement, “‘I AM’ the Law and Visible Manifestation of the Light that casts no shadow, the Light of Eternity in which I see all Perfection”, you will bring to yourselves marvelous Blessings, a relaxation, a clearness of consciousness and absolute certainty of that which is ahead, which you may select, bring into outer use, fulfill the Divine Plan, and then go on your way to expand still greater manifestations.”

Beloved Elohim Of Peace

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