Grateful Day, Everyone…

Beloved Mighty Victory quote 216

“The Great Energy, Strength, Power, and Courage comes from your “I AM Presence”, because It is the Pure Essence of Life. Saint Germain used to very often first gather the Substance together, and then afterwards, precipitate the Elixir of Life – and It produces marvelous results! You today have the same Elixir of Life flowing into your bodies, exactly the same which He produced in outer Manifestation to mankind! They drank It and received the cleansing, purifying activity through the flesh structure!

I want so much to convey to you today that in all mankind’s search for the Fountain of Youth, they had It all the time right here, in the “Presence” above them! In the earlier centuries, you have no idea how many hundreds of people sought the World over in search for the Fountain of Youth!

Mankind think all these unusual things, so-called, are sometimes someone’s imagination! Let Me tell you, the Great, Great Truth has been trying to find Its way to mankind all through the centuries; and now and then one who might be in sufficient attunement was inspired with Great Truth. But in most instances, they did not hold steady enough to get the Fullness of It; and before It was completed, their own human concepts intruded and the individuals did not know one from the other.

We can show you through many things, Magnificent Statements of the Law and Truth, but with them are mixed other things which are misleading! Therefore, in Saint Germain’s “I AM” Activity, you will never find one word, one phrase which could in any way be misleading. It is the Statement of the Law – clear, definite, powerful, concise – that all may grasp and use! This is because the need of mankind today has been so great, it had to be done or they could not survive!

I say to you, have courage; do not let down for a moment on your Application! A few more Classes with the achievement as great or greater than this, will change the whole affairs of America.” – Beloved Mighty Victory

Stay Safe, Stay Focused…And Y’all Be Love! 💜💜💜

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