understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“As you live closer in your Calls to the Guarding Seraphim, you will find very Great Love filling your worlds as if by magic, in a perfectly natural way with those things you desire – I mean when they are the desires that fulfill the Ascended Masters’ Divine Plan.

Oh! If people who are prodded and tortured by their human desires, would only demand the Satisfaction and the Contentment of the Victorious “Mighty I AM Presence” in themselves, they wouldn’t have any struggle, Precious Ones. The “Presence” doesn’t struggle when It manifests Its Victory, It pours Its Love out and breathes into outer manifestation the form you desire.

But people are tortured by their own desires and those in the atmosphere about them, because they have not called forth the satisfaction and the contentment of their own Victory. And you can’t have contentment Precious Ones, you can’t have satisfaction unless you do have the Victory of your “Presence”, because anything that might seem to be so from the outer standpoint, unless it is the Perfection of your “Presence”, would only be a temporary thing; and as soon as it’s gone, your satisfaction and contentment would be gone too.

So, when I call into outer action Our Victorious Peace of Eternity, you have scarcely to think of that until on the chest will you begin to feel a soft tingling sensation as the Flame begins Its Expansion and Its Radiation into the atmosphere about you; for this has to take place through the expansion of the Flame in your own Heart.

So, when you acknowledge that that is the Law of the Victorious Peace of Eternity, My Dear Ones, if you’ll let that be the Law in your world, there won’t be anything but the Peace which allows you to fulfill the Divine Plan, and sustains Its Blessings in your world until Peace is yours for Eternity.”

Beloved Elohim Of Peace

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