understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Tonight, I want to remind you of one intense action which you can easily draw forth into outer physical manifestation in the calling forth of the Immortal Power of the Angels of Blue Flame. Now don’t hesitate, and don’t forget this. Please call this forth sometime each day around everybody and everything under this Radiation. That is a certain Group of the Angelic Host which comes under My Direction. It’s one of the Groups.

When you call forth the the Immortal Power of the Angels of Blue Flame, there isn’t anything can use that Power but Perfection. You do not need to fear It. It doesn’t contain anything for you but Immortal Protection and Immortal Perfection – but It contains an Action of Power that the sinister force knows better than to approach.

I offer you this tonight that you may build a momentum of It around those you hold near and dear, and around all under this Radiation by daily Command. Draw forth, command and demand the outer physical manifestation of the Immortal Power of the Angels of Blue Flame. You will know what Ascended Master Friends mean!

The sinister force cannot call those Beings. The sinister force could not be protected by Them; but Their Love for you would automatically flow within Their Blue Flame. They would love to protect you, because It is My Desire!

We have specialized, recently, on one quality or one special activity after another, any one of which, if held to, will take you through to your Immortal Victory. And We are releasing at this time terrific Dynamic Force and Action of the Fire Element in the various channels to which all of you are attuned. One may feel one action of the Law more Powerful for your individual needs, and another one feel something else. Accept that to which you feel the greatest attraction, and then use It in outer Command by great Happiness – with great delight!

What in the world have you to fear by reaching up and simply embracing the Great God Power of Immortality? What could come to you but Perfection? What could you experience but Happiness? What could you know but Its Truth?

Now when you call It in and around yourselves, then will you become acquainted with Its Glorious Blessing. So do not be afraid to use My Immortal Power of the Angels of Blue Flame. That is an Action of Love that contains within It whatever might be required on the moment, under any set of circumstances, to keep you connected with Our Octave; and through that connection there would flow to you – on the instant, before any destruction could act – there could flow any unusual Power from Our Octave to protect you.

We want this to be brought into an outer momentum which you may see sometimes, but at all times you would feel.”

Beloved Archangel Michael

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