understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“My Beloved Legions of Blue Flame, thank you for your fiery spirit tonight! Thank you for your faithfulness. Thank you for your willingness to stand with Us and drive through the jungle of human creation and blaze the Blue Flame that all will understand! Thank you for your Presence tonight as I have never thanked you before! With all the Power at Our Command are We watching every opportunity.

We shall draw into the lower atmosphere of Earth everything the Cosmic Law will permit, to prevent the holocaust intended. Stand your ground! Yield no power to the human, and with all your breathing being, know that no weapon prospers against you. Don’t forget that Decree! No weapon prospers against your America regardless of appearances. The sinister force can change its appearance from moment to moment, but We are changeless Authority, Immortal Power, and Ever-expanding Perfection! We are the Protecting Power of Life, and the sinister force, under the guise of protection, when it sends a nation to war, gloats over those who are its victims.

The reckoning of the ages is here, and the destructive forces must cease their existence. Regardless of appearances, yield not an inch! Charge yourselves with Our Immortal Power! Feel your Immortal Authority to command the annihilation of that which dishonors God, and you shall have Legions come to your assistance that the rest of mankind do not even know exist.

Do you know, Beloved Ones, you who have loved the Beings of the Elements, you who bless and pour your love to the Powers of Nature, you do not realize what Friends you have in the Beings of the Elements. You do not quite understand how the Powers of Nature could protect you. But I do! They are My obedient Servants, and I shall command Them to give their Blessing to you! (long applause). Thank you, Precious Ones, with all My Heart’s Love. Won’t you be seated please.”

Beloved Archangel Michael

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