Grateful Day, Everyone…

Barack Obama quote 3

“Precious Hearts, FOR A MOMENT, think! Here, beating every one of your Hearts, is the Power of Light – Perfection which could never be changed. In your Heart is the “Anchorage” of that Light, shall we call it for a simple expression. The end of that Stream of Light is anchored within your Heart! It is Perfection, and you are That! You really are, and whatever else expresses does not belong to you! It is but a human quality somewhere which you contacted.

It is so magnificent! How simple and easy it is to govern all of your world of feeling and activity, if you understand the simplicity of it. It is not complicated, it is not difficult! So will you please feel that?

Remember always, when something starts to disturb you: “How could that be disturbing, when here is this Great Purity of Light, which knows no such thing? Then this thing which is trying to act in me is a human quality from somewhere.”

Oh, do not locate it! Don’t try to locate it, Dear Ones! You know the human has always thought, “It is not me, it is the other fellow” – but it is the human acting! Don’t do that!

You are the governor of your world, and you are so rapidly coming to that point where the clearness of your understanding will constantly keep you prompted.” – Ascended Master Youth

Stay Safe, Stay Focused…And Y’all Be Love! 💜💜💜

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