Grateful Day, Everyone…

Eldridge Cleaver quote 3 (2)

“When your Beloved Messenger in Los Angeles turned upon his human self and told it that it no longer had any power, look what happened – how quick he became Free, and he maintained it! That again shows how necessary it is for you to take your stand against human qualities or any disturbing or discordant qualities which are acting or attempting to act in your world.

It is not just you yourselves who are to blame, but it is acting in all mankind, because these qualities are acting in their feeling world. That is why violence of any kind – whether it is in you individually, or whether it is in groups of people, or a nation – opens mankind to the full force of all the destructive element which has been generated by mankind through the ages! Do you not see how absolutely mathematically it acts?

That is why agitators never do any good in the World! On the other hand, they do extreme harm; and there is no human being who is an agitator of any kind, who is not a claw of the sinister force – remember that!

Therefore, in your individual work, oh, I plead with you, do not be concerned what another human being is doing! Just keep calling on the Law of Forgiveness for all mankind, pour forth Divine Love and Blessing to all, and call your “Mighty I AM Presence” to charge every one of mankind with the Qualities of Self-Control and Power each needs, to cleanse and purify each individual’s world.

Then go on serenely in cleansing and purifying your own world. Look neither right nor left to what somebody else is doing, but just rejoice that you are able to serve in the Harmony of your Life! That is the only thing which counts!” – Ascended Master Youth

Stay Safe, Stay Focused…And Y’all Be Love! 💜💜💜

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