Grateful Day, Everyone…

Martin Luther King Jr. quote 3

“As long as individuals allow themselves to be irritated and disturbed, they pour that forth instead of good and harmony, which mankind require.

I say to you in such Great Power, within everyone in human form is God’s Great Good; and if they are left undisturbed, that Good will express itself always! How many times the Messenger has found people violently angry and disturbed, and when he laid his hand upon their shoulders, the discord melted away at once.

So can you, if you will only train yourselves to be still in emergencies; and if someone speaks unkindly to you, just be still and know: “That is not my ‘Presence’! That is but human quality acting; therefore, it has no power to disturb me! It is just another mistake! So we will call on the Law of Forgiveness for it, and call all Blessings upon that one, because he or she needs it!”

Oh, Beloved Ones, can’t you see how responsible you are? Suppose ten of you in this room were in a group of people and one became agitated, violently critical; and nine of you began to pour out condemnation and criticism upon that individual because he or she had momentarily yielded to it – don’t you see how you would pile upon that one, ten times as much discord as that under which the individual was laboring? Maybe that one did not want to do it, but not understanding, momentarily responded to it.

Therefore, if all will leap to the assistance of the other one who is having those difficulties, do you not see how difficulties would be solved, and the help given mankind?” – Ascended Master Youth  

Stay Safe, Stay Focused…And Y’all Be Love! 💜💜💜

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