understanding the “i am”…that is you….

“Now I must not keep you longer tonight, but I just wanted you to have the encouragement and the Gratitude of Our Hearts for opening the Door by which We may use more Light to dissolve these frightful things that have caused such distress to Life. May I say to you when these things are removed, will you also see disease and insanity removed with them.

So, while the task is great, the Reward is greater. The Happiness that will be yours is Immortal – and that is well worth every effort you make to set Life Free! You are this far in the Light. Now with the Powers that are yours and your Calls to Us, you may draw others, and others and others to this same place, where they too, will turn and join Us in the Great Work of cleansing the Earth.

The Legions of Light and Love and Wisdom and Power, are your Friends to the end of that Accomplishment!

May you feel the Power of that Cosmic Light, and may the Mighty Angel on whose Crown blazes the Word “Union”, in that Authority of Cosmic Light which is His – and He whose Task it is to issue that Fiat – may He come quickly, visible to all, and issue the Command for that intensity of the Cosmic Light that shuts off war from Earth forever! (applause).

Beloved Ones, remember Her Words to Washington, the Being who came to Him, (Goddess of Liberty), and remember the Words of the Great Cosmic Angel on whose Crown blazened the Word “Union”, when He placed the Standard and said, “SO LONG AS THE STARS REMAIN AND THE HEAVENS SEND DOWN DEW, SO LONG SHALL THE UNION LAST!”

And the people kneeling down, will say “I AM”, and will give that “Mighty Presence” the credit that is their Freedom! Unto that Care of that “Mighty Presence” do I commend you tonight! He, the Cosmic Angel on Whose Crown blazes the Word Union, and to She, the one who gave Washington the Vision – may Their Outpouring to your Nation tonight move into outer Action the Manifestations to which all bow, including Us; for when that Light comes, We all are Grateful with Love that is Immortal.

May It become your Mantle of Protection, your Scepter of Power, your Pathway to Freedom, and your Immortal Victory without limit, and Its Cosmic Authority ever yours to use with full Power. Thank you and good night.”

Beloved Goddess Of Light

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