understanding the “i am”…that is you….

“Now remember this, and please remind yourselves often, when you call for a thing, you are responding and giving obedience to the Conscious Command of Life – and the Conscious Instruction that has been given to mankind through the centuries, “CALL UNTO ME AND I WILL ANSWER THEE!” You have called, My Loved Ones, and the Answer is as sure to manifest as that the Sun exists in the Heavens!

Thank you tonight! This is My Own Personal Gratitude to you, because it enables Us to again increase the Outpouring of the Cosmic Light Substance, which must come if mankind are to have Help.

Stand your ground! Be adamant – but you draw the White Fire of the Cosmic Light into the atmosphere of Earth, or make the Call for It until It becomes physically visible to all. And there are ways and means of making mankind understand when they become so hard that they won’t listen to reason. And that’s what is needed at the moment!

Were you to see as We do, the Magnificent Light in many Life Streams of the Younger Generation, and all of that delayed or shut off because they drive them to drink and depravity in a few years – O Dear Ones, it’s tragic beyond expression. And I am determined, just as determined, to dissolve that stuff from the Universe that has so depraved mankind, as I was to remove the black magicians! And thanks to you, it has been done! (applause). Thank you, Precious Ones.

And while you are standing, may I ask you to send forth your Call, and demand that the Cosmic Christ Legions of Cosmic Blue Flame sweep into the lower atmosphere of Earth and take Their Cosmic Toll in the beast of the world! Use those Words! And when I speak of that beast, it is not only the war beast, but it’s all its claws!

But if you ask for those Cosmic Christ Legions of Cosmic Blue Flame to sweep everywhere in the lower physical atmosphere of Earth, and take Their Cosmic Toll in the beast of the world, the liquor and dope beast and other channels shall die, as they should! (applause). Thank you, Precious Ones.

I want to reveal to you that the third one who went to the Great Central Sun with the Beloved Goddess of Liberty and Myself, was the Great Cosmic Angel on whose Crown blazes the Word “Union”! (applause). Beloved Ones, I’m revealing to you tonight certain Inner Actions of the Law concerning your Nation. The Goddess of Liberty and the Cosmic Angel with Myself, have taken the Responsibility of removing the liquor beast and those destructive cravings from the emotional bodies of this Nation, and that’s not a light task! (applause). Thank you, Beloved Ones.

When you realize the creations in the emotional bodies of the people who are caught in that beast’s destructive activity – the beast of war and all its claws – those creations are frightful  to behold! But I tell you that when the Legions, the Cosmic Christ Legions of Cosmic Christ Blue Flame approach those beasts, their terror is worse – and they are to face that by My Command! (applause). Thank you.

Their torture, their depravity, and their destruction has been frightful and inexcusable, and they must be annihilated from the Universe. And I shall appreciate, as well as the Beloved Goddess of Justice, and this Mighty Cosmic Angel who came to Washington – We shall appreciate every ounce of energy you give, every Call you make, until that condition is removed from the Universe, and its record blasted from Life. It must be done!

There is no hope for mankind’s Freedom until those frightful things are withdrawn and placed in the Violet-Blue Flame, where they cannot exist longer.

Therefore My Gratitude to you is boundless. And may I say to you, the hour when those things are removed, and the mankind of Earth feels the release from those frightful torturing cravings, will your gratitude and your love know what it means to stand to the Light and carry It high – until those in the darkness are drawn back Home into the Heart of that which is Eternal Happiness.

And when you see those Life Streams one by one coming back to the condition in which is their Divine Birthright, you will know as We do that it’s worth every effort you would ever make to compel those forces into annihilation. And you will be grateful with all you are and have, for the way and means that the Mighty Saint Germain has given you by which you could force the beast to take its claws off of Life and to compel its annihilation.

Then you will know the Secret and the Power of Mastery! Then will you feel it is worth every effort you ever made to compel that thing to cease its torture of God’s Life.

Great has been mankind’s defiance of the Requirements of the Cosmic Law, but Great shall be your Joy and Mine when by God’s Almighty Cosmic Light, so dazzling, they dare not look into It – when It comes and becomes the atmosphere of Earth, entering into all, and you see those forces cease to exist – will you know what Gratitude to your “I AM Presence” and to the Mighty Saint Germain and the Ascended Host means.

When you see your loved ones arise in the God Light and Beauty and Perfection of that “I AM Presence”, and go forward in constructive, beautiful accomplishment, your Hearts will know a gratitude that nothing else could ever explain! Won’t you be seated please.”

Beloved Goddess Of Light

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