Grateful Day, Everyone…

Duke Ellington quote 3

“Can you imagine how Blessed is your Beloved Saint Germain? Shall I say, as you do, We all “take off Our hats” to Him? You do not yet realize how that Mighty Being of Light, for more than six hundred years, has struggled to find enough of humanity willing to harmonize themselves, wherein He could render the Service which He has held steadily throughout six hundred years.

Think of it from your human cognizance of time, what that means! He has stood unwavering in His Determination that one day He would find enough of humanity ready to harmonize themselves, so He could render that Service for the Earth which He knew must come. You have been kind enough to respond to His Great Call.

Think of it, in America today, nearly half a million people, through the humble efforts of these Beloved Messengers, have started the Great Awakening, which will become the Great Spectacle for the Earth.

Won’t you be patient and go on with your great Application, until the Great Cosmic Light releases Its Final Mighty Impulse into the Earth, when the curtain between the invisible and the visible is no more?  When enough of human creation has been dissolved, then the remainder of the curtain of flesh – otherwise “limitations” – will dissolve and disappear, and you will walk and talk with Us, as you do with each other!

Sometime when the present great need is completed, We will endeavor to show you, all your assistance has meant to dissolve the discord of Earth.” – Ascended Master Youth

Stay Safe, Stay Focused…And Y’all Be Love! 💜💜💜

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