understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Now remember this:  Everything that is of war, everything that is of communism, everything that is of the beast of destruction, is criminal insanity. And certainly you wouldn’t give any quarter to that if it were acting through an individual. If the mind had completely gone off, and the feelings had become wholly destructive, you surely wouldn’t hesitate to leash that body and keep it from injuring others, would you? Well, there’s no difference between the mass accumulation of the communists and the war element, than there would be in a criminally insane individual. That is but the mass accumulation of many.

So please don’t allow the slightest feeling of lethargy to enter into your world at all, and don’t allow any false sympathy to get hold of you! I’m warning you tonight because the forces of depravity are subtle in the extreme, and they don’t miss an instant to connect you or your energy with something destructive if they can get your attention!

Now you, on the other hand, mustn’t miss a moment of keeping yourselves connected with your “Presence’, with the Ascended Host, and of eating, sleeping, and breathing your connection with your  “Presence” and the Source of Perfection. Those are the forces suggested to mankind constantly – subtle means by which they gain the attention, and the next thing you know, evil has driven in.

You must use your Conscious Understanding to command the outer attention of yourselves and others to be held to that “Mighty I AM Presence”, to accept the Ascended Host, to see Their Manifestations, to understand Their Power, and know from whence comes the Help that offsets the destructive forces. And I for one knew well enough their treachery and their subtle means of trapping individuals who are almost Free!

That’s the reason I have come tonight – to make this clear to all of you, so you don’t allow any false sympathy of any kind to enter in and imagine that these individuals have anything in their plans except enslaving you and degrading anything that is Godlike or constructive.

Remember this, for all that they call it – a world government – they do not have that back of their motive. Their motive is to destroy everything, and make no mistake about it! And if you imagine there is anything good in that kind of a government, you don’t know the ABC’s of Wisdom! Now don’t allow any sympathy or any acceptance of any argument in their favor.

I have come to give this Warning, because some of the Students have been asleep in their feelings and imagined that these forces are not as vicious as they seem. They’re far more so than you see on the surface, and I happen to know, because I have dealt with them!

I’m here to protect you, and since you have made that Call for the White Fire Substance of the Cosmic Light to come forth everywhere within the Nation and fire the people awake and blast them free, your one Decree tonight has opened the Door to enable Me to act in certain capacity that will bless you and your Nation forever! (applause).

Thank you, Precious Ones, with all My Heart. We shall amplify that with Power that the destructive forces shall know and understand and feel! Thank you! Won’t you be seated please.”

Beloved Goddess Of Light

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