understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Beloved of the Light, in the Radiance which We are bringing tonight, I wish to remind you of your tremendous privilege in the use of the Cosmic Light; and I wish to thank you for everything – every Call you have ever made that helps Us to accomplish that which must be done in preventing mankind from going into any further destruction.

You hardly have realized, Beloved Ones, what the Cosmic Light means to you all, and how It is released under your direction at your Call. Not in any cycle of time in the past has the Cosmic Law permitted the Release of that Cosmic Light Substance from Our Octave of Life, because in drawing It into the lower atmosphere of Earth, It energizes everything in the entire atmosphere of Earth.

Mankind in the past, because of their frightful destructive accumulation, were not permitted to draw the Cosmic Energy into outer use such as you are doing today by your Calls for the Cosmic Light. And My Sister, the Goddess of Liberty, is one who was responsible – with Myself – for determining to go to the Great Central Sun and ask for the Release of this Power, at least to those who came under the Mighty Saint Germain’s Direction.

What the outer world calls the Cosmic Rays is not the Power that We direct which you know of as the Cosmic Light. The Cosmic Light Substance which comes forth at your Call, My Dear Ones, is the Direct Radiation of Light Substance from the Ascended Masters in the Great Central Sun, and that is not the same as the Great Universal Light Substance which mankind know of as the universal energy that fills all space.

The Cosmic Light Substance which comes forth at your Call, under Our Direction, is that which is drawn forth and qualified with the Consciousness and Perfection of the Great Cosmic Beings in the Central Sun who give that of Their own volition. It is the actual Radiation from their own Life Streams, concentrated, qualified, and directed to do certain definite Work wherever it passes by.

Therefore, as It comes into the atmosphere of Earth and locates, so the people get the benefit of It, they absorb that, they breathe It in as you breathe in oxygen through the lungs. And as that Fire enters into their mentality, into the mental and feeling world, It compels a certain amount of Illumination to come to the consciousness of the mass of people.

This is a Lifting Power to the whole of mankind. It also increases the vibratory action tremendously of the Powers of Nature, and even into the atmosphere of Earth. It is not what you call the air you breathe. That is of an intensity that is adjusted to your atomic structure; but the Cosmic Light Substance that enters into the mental and feeling world of mankind, absolutely annihilates wrong thoughts and wrong feelings, and as it were, draws the Life Flame and the constructive impulses from within the outer self into greater action, and fans that until it expands and holds the balance against destructive forces.

Thank you for your Decree tonight for the White Fire of the Cosmic Light to come forth everywhere within the Nation, and fire the people awake and blast them free; for It does exactly that thing in their mental and feeling world, and Heaven knows, they need It!

I’ll tell you, there shall come forth such light in the brain structure of mankind, there shall come forth such Light in this government as shall compel destructive forces to fear longer to continue their destructive plans! You have no idea the degradation which they plan for you; and I tell you, if the American people knew their intent, if they knew the way and means that they would adopt, there isn’t a person within your borders who is constructive who wouldn’t arise and wipe out everything that seeks to destroy them!

My Dear Ones, if you don’t arise and wipe them out, they’ll wipe you out! And aren’t you more important on the Earth than the destructive forces? (applause). Thank you so much, Precious Ones. Please be seated.”

Beloved Goddess Of Light

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