Grateful Day, Everyone…

Jesse Owens quote 3

“We do not Ourselves wish to keep repeating various things, but We know it is only by such repetition that you come into the full Realization of what it means.

Today, in this response of mankind, the Glory of it is so great that you must feel Our Rejoicing; for the way is opening very rapidly when, through the radio and various other means, will come the complete freedom in the giving forth and the expansion of this Light, as the resistance of mankind goes down.

While I have this opportunity to speak to you today, I want to bring your attention again to a point which is so tremendous concerning the people who willingly or unwillingly oppose the Light. Many, many of these people have said, “Well, you cannot take away from me my own ‘I AM Presence’.”  Surely no one wishes to, but this is the thing they do not understand.

When they oppose the Light, they shut themselves off from the Radiation of the Ascended Masters. Whether they believe it or not – they do! Furthermore, in that resistance, they shut off the Outpouring of Perfection from their own “I AM Presence”, and only too late will they find that out!

That is why if mankind do not agree with this Expansion of the Light, if they would only go their way, have no feeling or concern about It – then they would not build a condition which some day will rend them asunder because it is destructive.

It is a matter of qualities, Beloved Ones, not human life, not personalities nor individuals; for it is a power of qualities acting, and if it be destructive, each one must reap it.” – Ascended Master Youth

Stay Safe, Stay Focused…And Y’all Be Love! 💜💜💜

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