Grateful Day, Everyone…

William Wells Brown quote 3

“Perhaps you think We are fairly persistent, but Dear Ones, the habit which has grown so long in mankind to criticize the slightest thing which does not agree with your opinion, is the most dangerous thing in the activity of mankind.

Beloved Ones, mankind is not to blame just at this time, because that is an accumulation of the centuries – those qualities, I mean, which have been gathered in the past. You are not wholly to blame for them in this embodiment. It is an acquired, accumulated – not only momentum, but it is a quality which has been built into your world and around you, which makes it so difficult today for some individuals to cease doing discordant things.

Now notice! You have the Remedy with the speed of lightning to correct any of those things, if you just keep yourselves reminded that you must balance by self-control in the human octave the Powers you call forth from the “I AM Presence”! If you will keep yourselves reminded of that, it will be a prompting of inestimable value to you. It is the promptings on time which count.

Let us be so practical today, so you feel each prompting and stand guard forever over your feeling, so no disturbance of any kind finds action in your feeling. Then when you call to the “Presence”, you will be able to shut out the discord.

Some of our blessed young people are receiving Transcendent Help. The Divine Director is dissolving as rapidly as possibly all human creation around our young people and also many others! Therefore, the Service rendered gives Us great Joy!” – Ascended Master Youth

Stay Safe, Stay Focused…And Y’all Be Love! 💜💜💜

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