Grateful Day, Everyone…

Susan L. Taylor quote 3

“I rejoice that ere long the “I AM” Students, even from the beginning, will suddenly come into that practical feeling of just how tangible We are. We are right here and their Higher Mental Bodies are right here, just as tangible as their friends in the physical form; but those Friends who are with your Higher Mental Body will never deceive you, neither will your Higher Mental Body.

Beloved Ones, won’t you do yourselves and all of Us who want to help you so much, the kindness today – through which your “Presence” will assist you – to hold Complete Harmony in your feelings continuously, until the Outpouring and flow from your “Presence” of Its Light, gives you abundance and supplies you with everything your outer self requires? It is the Law of your Life. It cannot help It.

I do not say this is an experience which my come to you; but it is not impossible that one day not so far distant, Saint Germain will suddenly find a group – such as this – so harmonious within their feelings, that He can draw aside the curtains and let you look upon your Higher Mental Bodies – the REAL YOU! And that moment will be your Eternal Victory in the Light! Not that It is necessary for your Victory, but It would be of enormous encouragement; of that there is no question.

So, as We ask you to maintain harmony in your feelings, do you not see it is not with any sense of criticism or arbitrary idea, but because of Our Great Love which pours forth; for We know the exact Requirements which would give you Freedom and Victory so quickly.” – Ascended Master Youth

Stay Safe, Stay Focused…And Y’all Be Love! 💜💜💜

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