understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Don’t waste time looking back. Don’t regret anything! What’s done is done. It’s water over your wheel of Life. Be just concerned with the Heaven We have opened to you with the accepting of Our Presence with you, and with your determination to fulfill the Divine Plan, that means everything Perfect in your World.

You don’t have to draw It from someone else; the “Presence” will automatically provide It for you when you have loved the “Presence” enough. And when you call to Us, We will never fail to answer the Call. Our hearing is perfectly good, and We are not so busy, but We can answer the Call whenever you are determined to have your Mastery manifest Its Perfection in this World.

May the Legions of Our Sacred Fire Love who fulfill Our Commands to Life attend you with Their Boundless Blessings, and the Angelic Host and the Powers of Nature ever be flooding you with Their Blessings, Blessings, Blessings of all the Perfection your Heart can desire until you come into Our Octave forever.

So, remember, We are close to you as you want to be close to Us. And if you use your own authority, and your determination to be free from distress is intense enough, your limitation cannot stay within you another hour longer, because Our Love can take the place of everything that has disturbed you. And then do you know what happens? Then the Words of your Beloved Saint Germain will be fulfilled when He said, “You will say to these disturbing conditions, with a wave of your hand to your adversary you will say, ‘Well, is it possible thou didst once disturb me?'”

That’s what Mastery to which I refer, that Peace, that Power of the Sacred Fire’s Love that will have nothing in It and no contact except that which is Peace and Perfection and God made, manifest in and around you and for you, with every good thing to bless you forever! Hold close to Us, if you will; and all together We will wave your hands to the adversary, (laughter), and be through with contact forever.

Thank you, Precious Ones. And I assure you, We have Legions of Angels so beautiful, so powerful, so loving, They can stand beside you and release what brings you only Happiness. They are ready, ready any moment to assist you when you are determined your adversary shall be no more. Thank you. Let Us dispose of the adversary, if you exert your authority; and between us, we should make a very comfortable combination and produce circumstances that will glorify you all forever.

Thank you, and with My Love to you all, I bear to you tonight the Love and Gratitude of the Seven Mighty Elohim because you have remembered Them and you have loved Them; and I assure you, They will remember you and love you in return, far more than you can love Them. From tonight, keep the Door wide open and you shall not want for any good thing. Thank you with all My Heart.”

Beloved Elohim Orion

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