understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Go forward, and perhaps when you least expect it, I may prod that determination within you with a feeling, sometime, that will all of a sudden make you arise and exert your Master Sacred Fire Control over this World, which is the allowing of your own “Blessed I AM Presence” through the Unfed Flame in your Heart to release a feeling, a pressure of that Sacred Fire into the atmosphere around you, that not only repels limitation and destruction, but creates and maintains the advance in the Fulfillment of the Divine Plan that is already the Divine Plan’s completed Action in Our Octave of Life, and which you can draw here when you so determine.

Now, many times the intellect says, “Well, how am I going to do all that with all the people in the family and all the people in the business that antagonize me, and they don’t believe in the ‘I AM’ Activity, and they won’t do this, and they won’t do that?”  Just leave that with Us. You keep acknowledging your Divine Rights, that means your love to your “Presence” and to Us, and your Mastery by Sacred Fire Power Control of things in and around you. And you charge That forth with the same fierce determination, and the same amount of energy that you release when you become, well, when you have become in the past, angry about something, for I do not acknowledge that you are going to be angry in the future!

But you know the determination you have turned on when something displeased you and you have just exploded, an awful lot. Oh, that energy, such energy goes forth through those sudden feelings, past and present! We want the same amount of energy to go forth but qualified with that Master Presence of the Sacred Fire’s Power and Control of things in this World, until, as you form the habit of This, the momentum begins to build within your Electronic Circle.

My Dear Ones, you will come to the time when you can scarcely wish or think for a thing until it comes into manifestation for you, and that is the Divine Way to live Life.

So come with Us, and remember, your determination of the future is Our Love and Sacred Fire’s Master Power to flood everything in your world; and when you demand it be flooded, so shall it be established unto you!”

Beloved Elohim Orion

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