Grateful Day, Everyone…

Vernon Jordan quote 3

“Dear Ones, let Me say something so kindly – it might sound a little severe, but don’t take it so! I say to all the Blessed “I AM” Students, Group Leaders, and everyone everywhere representing this “I AM” Activity: don’t be so anxious to give expression to your own feeling or powerful impulse as you are to stand by and use the Ascended Masters’ Words, which carry Their Cups of Light – a vitally important thing for America and yourselves today. Won’t you remember that?

Oh, I know mankind has thought – you know the human element – “Oh dear, I just can’t go on with the same old thing over and over; I have to have a change! I cannot do these things! You know I want expansion, and I have to have it.”

That is all right, quite right! All that will come in good time. But today, Precious People of Earth, the need is for America – and don’t worry one moment about your own expansion or expression! You will find plenty of opportunity for that, but the need today is this Great “I AM” Activity for America. Your “I AM” Decrees and your Harmony among each other are very important so this Great Release of Power goes forth – and then see how quickly will come accomplishment!

I know, I have seen it while watching a few, so far as giving forth the Instruction is concerned, in art and music – various ones begin to call forth the Energy and Power of the “I AM Presence”. They become inflated and think, “Oh my, this is marvelous! I shall give this forth to the World.”

Be careful! Be careful! The first which comes forth is not apt to be as perfect as that which follows! So just let it flow and keep track of it. Then after a while, when you see this really great Perfection come forth, then you will say, “Was it not a good thing I held that thing in abeyance at first!” – Beloved Mighty Victory

Stay Safe, Stay Focused…And Y’all Be Love! 💜💜💜

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